Watch your Netflix, HBO, Hulu and more from one app

Queu gathers all of the shows and movies from your streaming subscriptions into one place.

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Step 1

Add the Queu extension to your Chrome browser.

Step 2

Visit and create a free account.

Step 3

Start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Watch Right in Queu

No more jumping from website to website. Search for and stream content directly inside of Queu.

Platform Filter

Only see shows and movies from the platforms you're actually subscribed to.

Watch History

Queu automatically syncs your watch history across your various devices.

Human Recommendations

All of Queu's recommendations are curated lists from real people, not robots.

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All of Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Queu supports most of the major streaming platforms. With thousands of shows and movies available, you'll never run out of great content to watch.

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What is the Queu extension?

The Queu extension is a browser extension for Google Chrome. Think of it like an app for your browser.

Does Queu support mobile?

Currently Queu only supports desktop browsers. However, an app for iOS and Android is in the works.

Why do I need to sign into my streaming platforms outside of Queu?

This is a security measure that allows you to use Queu without ever giving us your passwords for those accounts.

Ready to get started?

Get Queu and start streaming!